Youth is wasted on the young

This is a nice article from the Zen Habits blog, about 20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life:

Looking back, there are some lessons I’ve learned that I would probably tell my 18-year-old self. Do I share them now to share my regrets? No, I share them in hopes that younger men and women, just starting out in life, can benefit from my mistakes and my lessons.”

They won’t though. I was talking to someone yesterday about how you live in a strange distorted world when you’re, say, 25. Anyone over 30 seems impossibly old. Smoking seems cool. Pensions are places you stay when you’re Interrailing, and compound interest means you like pharmaceuticals. You can’t figure out why your relationships always seem great at first, then after 4-6 months you start having more arguments than sex.

Also, you think you know it all, and you have no idea how irritating this is to those around you. You probably like social networks and binge drinking. You still have not figured out that wearing unusual clothes or having enormous hair does not mark you out as a glamorous rebel, but as someone who is worried they might not have a personality.

Also, you listen to your music too loud on the Tube!

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