wizzo fun

On Sunday I went to the British Moo-seum with Angie and we were all set for an afternoon of culture and nantiquities ekcetera, but it did not turn out like that. We were both cross and wet from being rained on so we were desperate for a cup of tea and a bun, but the main cafe bit was closed and we kept walking round and round looking for the sekrit alternative cafe but it was carefully hidden. We were so crazed with bun lust that we walked straight past such as the Rosetta Stone and Easter Island statues without noticing.

Eventually we found the cafe and had a rest, but then we decided to go to the pub instead, so we went to a nearby tavern in the town and drank all afternoon and then stood outside the tube station swigging ‘K’ cider and shouting abuse at passers-by and singing ‘The Eye of the Tiger’. OK not that last bit. But it was a fun day out.

In the evening I made a delicious pizza out of various ingrediments eg a giant pepperoni, and gobbled it all up while watching Station X and The Secret War. It does not get any better than that really.

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