Why don't you come up to the lab?

Inside my Dad’s workshop. This ancient Cossor oscilloscope, which he’s repaired so often as to have practically rebuilt it from scratch, dates from an era when people designed user interfaces with a satisfyingly large number of buttons and knobs.

The workbench. I think I inherited Dad’s love of engineering and making things, except I work with soft, virtual, digital machinery instead of wires and solder. Nonetheless we’re in the same business.

A couple of the many bits of equipment designed and built by Dad, including amplifiers, signal generators, preamps, oscillators, speakers, and even a Geiger counter. (He likes to be ready for anything.)

A genuinely antique wartime signal generator, rescued for posterity. The label ‘Unearthly’ does not indicate an extra-terrestrial origin, but merely that the apparatus is not earthed (it was built in the days when a good jolt of electricity was considered an essential pep-up in the mornings).

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