What stuff to get me if you want to get me Xmas stuff

I know it is fashionably cynical to decry the commercialised nature of Christmas ekcetera, but it is rarther jolly to get presents all the same. So if you like me and want to see my little face light up on Christmas morning, I have got quite a lot of things on my Amazon wishlist that I would like:

keithlard’s wishlist

I do not want to seem churlish or eg moralising but I really like to support local independint bookshops instead of giant chains like Borders and Waterstones and cut-price Internet retailers like Amazon that are driving small shops out of business.

So my favourite Christmas option would be if you could order the book that you wanted to get me from your little local bookshop and then post it. I realise that is a bit of a pain though compared to just twitching the flexor muscles of your mouse hand slightly. Perhaps it is irritatingly quixotic of me to even suggest it, but you never know. I think a big part of changing the world is just having the courage to say things like that without fear of being thought a ridiculous prig and eg one of these enviro-fascists that give you disapproving looks for not pedalling to work on a bike made of recycled tofu.

Next best option would be getting it from a massive bookshop, which are not nearly as nice as the small ones and are generally not run by people in faded patched jumpers who love books and talking about books, and sometimes make you cups of tea. They are usually vast and full of big tables of exactly the same books in every shop which you can buy 3 for 2 and bad luck if you like intresting and obscure books instead of bestsellers.

Obviously I would still be super pleased to get any books at all, even if it is from Amazon, so I hope you do not mind all the above. Incidentally the problem with not buying from Amazon is that the book still shows up on your wishlist obviously, so if you like you could comment anonymously to this post saying what book you have got me and I will take it off the list.

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