Weekend excitemint

Well I had a wizzo time on Saturday as I drove to Aldershot to help Liz move in to her new house, and take a consignment of books in the car, as she is like me and has a zillion books. I bet I have more though.

Then I went to Sarah’s and accidentally ate my own weight in her delicious lasagna, even though I am watching the calories due to Project Hott. I meant to just have a small respecktful helping and some salad, but then I turned into Garfield and chomped down several portions. I do not care as it was extra tasty!

On Sunday I went for a super riverside walk with Ana and a sophistercated glass of lemonade at the pub, then back to God’s own borough of Finchley for a refreshing pint of Leffe and a gigantic tandoori chicken with Matt at The Balti. I ate so much I awoke this morning, like some lager-fuelled Gregor Samsa, to find myself transmorgulated into a huge red spicy chicken leg.

It does not seem to have caused too much comment at work though although a couple of hungry people tried to take a bite out of me. I just fended them off with sharpened fragments of poppadom.

Liz lent me her copy of Wuthering Heights to read, it is a cracking tale of romance, high adventure, and curry. Actually now that I think of it the bits about curry were just added in biro. In my writing.

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