Ups and downs

I had a really nice day out on Sunday going to the sekrit lake for bird noticing, and I noticed a lot of ducks and swans and geese and coots and gulls and took lots of pictures. Later on I went to a wizzo gastro pub (which always sounds like some kind of internal disorder) and ate delicious lamb koftes, which are basically very expensive doner kebabs only in a meatball.

But I was feeling a bit tired and out of sorts, and by the time I got home in the evening I was rarther sad and low. It only compounded my distress when I discovered that gThumb had kindly deleted all my photos instead of importing them from the camera like I asked. Actually that is a bit unfair and a libel on the hard-working authors of gThumb. It did import the photos, in the sense that it created two hundred zero-length files with nothing in them. Then it deleted them from the camera. Cheers, gThumb!

I was jolly upset until I figured out that you can undelete stuff, if you are willing to pay for an undelete program and you have a handy CF card reader. (If this ever happens to you, which of course it won’t because you are careful, and you don’t use gThumb, your pictures can be rescued so long as the card is not used or written to - so whip it out of the camera and don’t touch it until you are ready with the recovery software.)

It does make you think about the fragility of digital pictures though. I think I’ll just go and take a backup…

Also, and which was more expensive although less annoying, someone pinched one of my indicators while I was parked at the go-kart track. Reading that back, it sounds as if I have indicators. I meant the car of course, although in some ways it would be interesting if I was fitted with some kind of navigation lights. They just strolled off with the glass and bulb! Perhaps they had another Audi somewhere, painstakingly assembled from individually stolen parts, just waiting for an offside front indicator to be complete.

They also had a jolly good go at levering off the rear bumper. I found this out while driving to the little mechanic to have a new indicator put on, as there was a nasty scraping sound from the back, and when I stopped and got out I noticed that the bumper was hanging off at one side and trailing on the road. The little mechanic says that Audi bumpers cost about three hundred pounds, so I can see why they wanted it. That’s actually better return on investment than pinching someone’s iPod. So do not take your car to Buckmore Park kart circuit near Chatham in Kent, unless you need it quickly disassembled by expert local teenagers.

I had a bit of a rubbish day at work yesterday too and combined with everything else I felt so sad and tired and heart-sick last night that I just went to bed early so that the day could be over quicker. I don’t know if you have ever done that.

Anyway the car is all fixed now thanks to t.l.m. so hurray, and I sat and had an extra-long good think this morning about things and ended up feeling much more cheery. It is surprising how often that works.

Photo by Chris Marquadt

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