Too early

I got up extra specially early today so as to be organdised, but obviously I have made a mistake as it is very cold and even animals are looking at me in amazemint as if to say “did your alarm go wrong?”

There is a lovely big crow perched on the lamp post outside my window, trying to warm up in the golden morning light. People do not like crows in general, but that is just because they is black. They are only the same as magpies really which everyone thinks are exciting. If you think about it magpies are just crows with fashion consultants and good PR. They even have their own song!

2 comments on Too early

  1. Anonymous noodl (not verified)
    Thu, 05/13/2010 - 20:51

    There’s a pair of hooded crows ‘round these here parts but let’s be honest, it’s a poor disguise.

    There’s also 4 types of finch, the usual bumfluffery and best of all Willow Warblers. Spot one of them mofo!

  2. admin
    Thu, 05/13/2010 - 23:02

    I quite like finches as I live in Finchley, but there are not enough of them around. I may write to the council about this.

    I saw a goldfinch a while ago when I was in a special secret park that I go to, but it did not see me. Watching.

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