Telehouse days

These are going back to the time me, Steve and Dave were working in the server mines of Telehouse, shut away from sunlight and forced to consume bad vending machine food and Balti mix, washed down with endless cups of tea. Occasionally we were allowed out, blinking into the light of day and have a beer on Dave’s boat.

Just an intresting wall at Telehouse.

Me looking a bit cross, you would too if you had to work shifts in a gigantic secure data centre painted a uniform battleship grey, and huddle round a rubbish convection heater on freezing nights.

Sometimes the only excitemint we got was pressing the button and speaking at the same time as the operator.

The other thing that kept me going was liberal doses of Healthy Boy chilli sauce, I do not think you ought to feed it to babies as the label implies, even if it is healthy it is pretty fierce stuff. Given that babies cannot even handle simple things like bacon sandwidges and lager, I think feeding them lethally hot Wow-Wow sauce might create more problems than it solved.

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