Super day

I had a really good day of getting lots of stuff done at work, and generally being cheerful. I think it is that the weather is slightly cooler now, so you only get second-degree burns from touching any metal surface.

Also someone importint to me is home safely from a dangerous war zone, so that is happy news. I do not mean the Chiswick roundabout on a Saturday afternoon either.

There is a really intresting article in Wired about the Tesla electric car. In Britain when we think of electric vehicles we tend to think of the famously rubbish Sinclair C5, so it is surprising to read that this car does 130mph and 0-60 in three seconds, out-accelerating a Lamborghini. It also has a range of 250 miles which is good news if you are going into the wilderness, or other places where they do not have elecktricity, like Devon.

The most amazing thing is that it is powered by 6,831 laptop batteries (gaffer taped together). Not only would you think that would be enormously heavy, since carrying the average laptop makes me walk lopsided, but it makes me wonder whether this bloke has 6,831 useless laptops piled up in his room. That’s a hell of an eBay auction!

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