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For obsessive Keithlard fans, of whom I know there are many, here is a blipvert of my quotidian minutiae.

On Wednesday I went bikling up to Highgate and had an intresting look round, it is a pretty village which just unfortunately is at the top of a bloody big hill. Later I met up with Sophy who lives near me, and it is great to meet fellow Finchleians, so we had drinks and crosswords (not cross words, because we had a lovely time) at the Five Bells and then tea and cake at her house. It was a super clear night and we looked at the Summer Triangle ie Vega, Deneb and Altair, and I told Sophy a multiplicity of ‘Fun Facts’ about stars. I am a big fan of the night sky as it is better than telly in my view, although the same things come round with absolute predictability every year, so thinking about it, exactly like telly in that respect.

Thursday: amateur dramatics, wrote Mr Kipling. I never actually understood those adverts, although I am immensely intrested in cake. We had a retrospective at work, which is where we all gather round and explain how each person has disappointed us over the previous year. Actually now that I say it, I got that mixed up with Festivus from Seinfeld. It was held in the pub which was a great idea, as we did not have to go to the pub afterwards as we were already there!

On Friday I had a long meeting in the afternoon about databases and storage technologies, and the hotter the weather got, the longer the meeting seemed to last and the hotter and smaller the office got. Eventually I left the office with a cheery smile and then nearly got crushed to death by a taxi on East Finchley High Road.

Today (deep breath as I normally do not have so much social news to relate) I bikled to Hampstead and looked at shops, then met my friend Angie for drinks and we sat outside a super pub (The Flask) watching posh types and yummy mummies buying vegertarian aromatherapy candles, and then we walked over to the Heath to join the OKCupid pickernick! There were various people there I knew including Steve the Sheep, Helena and Dan, and various people I did not called Kirsten, Robert, Dee, and a gorilla called Albert. It was fiercely hot on top of Parliament Hill and we chomped down a lot of super food and drink, and eventually we made our way to the Bull and Last on Highgate Road for a well-earned refreshing BEER. I nearly met a girl called Claire but then in the end I did not.

Apparently there was some type of foopball happening too.

So now I am relaxing with another refreshing BEER in front of my cooling fan, chomping popcorn and watching a super sunset to the soothing strains of Mogwai’s Hunted by a Freak, and pondring the delicious curry I’m going to make.

It does not get any better than that basically.

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