Some intresting news

It is not really, that was just to grab your attention. Still you are reading this, that is the true power of skilful copywriting.

I do not have that much to say in fact, I was meant to go on holliday but I had a problem with my back, so I had to stay at home and look after it. I have been mostly cooking and playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It is a terrifying simulation of the brutality of real war, except normally you are not piloting an attack helicopter and firing laser guided rockets at aliens while sipping a delicious Burgundy. Unless you are in the French army.

I bought some extra RAM for Susan, so my girlfriend now has an expanded memory, which if unlike me you actually have a real girlfriend, is the last thing you want. Also, if anything goes wrong, I just put her to sleep and she forgets everything I’ve done! Which would be great in real life.

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