The rich, fulfilling sounds of keithlard

Well it is another internets single by me, that is bitfield, which you may be interested in. It is all right if not.

I have been listening obsessively to Guitar, which is a German man that owns a lot of guitars and likes My Bloody Valentine. So when I heard this particular sample (from “Heretogether”) which is the main loop, that was the idea for the track. Then it is just a case of finding the right bit of Nina Simone to add to it.

So the new album is coming on nicely, it is intresting as according to my similar artists are Den Kozlov, Stephane Pompougnac, Ram Gaar, Tim Zuellig, Bluchel & Von Deylen and Joey Fehrenbach, which is fantastic, because I have never heard of any of them. That must mean I am full-on underground, yo. But amazingly, people have actually been listening to my stuff, which is a little bit worrying in case they find out it is not real and just a fat man in his living room with Audacity.

On the other hand I am quite over excited about GarageBand, as I have just got a new MacBook as everyone that knows me knows, because I have not stopped going on about it. If you have got a Mac you will know why, they are the best type of computers that there are. By miles. So GarageBand looks terrific and I am going to see what I can do with it. Do not expect to see me for some months, except to top up supplies of emergency crisps and wine.

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