Photo love story in pictures!

Well it was a super sunny day so I decided to go for a bikleventure to the Lee Valley Park, looking for a shag! That joke does not work really of course, as cormorants are not exactly the same as shags, unless you believe lying poet Christopher Isherwood. But they do have cormorants there as I saw one last time I went.

This is going over the bridge where the North Circular crosses the tube line. That is a tube train full of Finchley Centralians rushing towards London! And some restful green fields next to the allotmints. Finchley is very green in general. Except for the high street outside the Chicken Spot on a Friday evening when it is the colour of teenagers’ sick.

Unfortunately before I had got very far I realised my tyres were a little bit flat. Not super flat, but about half inflated, so I thought I would top them up with my little pump that I carry with me. Memo to self: figure out how to work your little pump before you need to use it in earnest. As otherwise you will get confused about how to attach it and end up just letting all the remaining air out of the tyre and not be able to pump it up again. So if you were driving along the North Circular this Sunday and saw a cross fat man swearing into a bicycle pump, that is why.

I figured it out in the end, but I still popped home again to pump the tyres up properly with the foot pump, as I am too feeble to inflate them to 50,000 atmospheres using only my stick-like arms. This is crossing the footbridge near Friern Bridge Retail Park, where they have a Halfords and a McDonalds and all manner of other wild and exotick forbidden delights. I was awful glad I was not stuck in a car in the permanent traffic jam at Bounds Green Road (now in its 24th year!).

I wonder what was going through the minds of the people who designed these flats in Edmonton Green. It was probably something like ‘How should we design some modern, attractive, and delightful housing? I know! Let’s build a huge grey oppressive forbidding concrete fortress!’

Huzzah! I am at the Lee Navigation, at Pickett’s Lock. It is really nice as there is a big park that runs all along the canal and next to the great reservoirs. It is an industrial area of London so there are not many people, which is great for birds, as when you get birds and people together, the birds tend to end up in pies. I did not see a cormorant in fact, which is a shame, but I did see a lot of lovely coots. I quite like coots though, and I have formed my own special Coot Club, like in the Arthur Ransome stories, except there is only me in it. And some coots.

There are lots of intresting spots where people gather in their boats to fish, sunbathe, gossip, and deteckt German spies, a bit like in The Riddle of the Sands only with less war. I would like to live on a canal boat in fact, as it is quite a relaxing lifestyle, and if you do not like your neighbours you can just move somewhere else. Of course there is always the lurking worry that you might forget to do up the ropes properly or something and wake up in the middle of the North Sea, about to be run over by an oil tanker.

I stopped for a mini picknick just near Enfield Island Village and there was a field with some tiny horses in! This is a tiny horse that came up to say hello, and eat some of my chicken while I was not looking.

So it was a super day out on the canal, it was about 30 miles ride in all, what with flat tyres and such. I am a bit tired now but not too bad. In closing here is a picture of some cheery folk, probably German spies, in their pretty canal boat. Note the man driving it and his ridickulous tricorn hat.

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