Venus and Mercury. It is unusual to see Mercury so clearly (bottom right), as it was approaching maximum elongation (when the Sun, Earth and Mercury form a right angle). Uranus would also be in frame, as it was approaching conjunction with Venus, except it is far too dim to show up in this exposure of course. Neptune, if it were bright enough to see, would have just set.

The long exposure has given a pretty effect to a passing plane (top left).

Snowy Finchley!

A St. Valenteen’s Day card that I made for someone, it turned out they did not want it. It says ‘Lettuce bee Valentines’!

Magpie Mosaic. This is my hommage (French for ripoff) of South African photographer Johann Mader’s Mopane Mosaic. I like that he lists among his equipment, ‘beanbag’. In my picture, can you spot the cheeky magpie? :D

Look! A plane!

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