Hello the new friend!

Normally of course I would shrink to publish a private correspondence, but this was such a charming e-mail I had to share it with you. I hope Anastasiya will not mind.

Hello the new friend!

My name is Anastasiya. I write to you from the far Russian town. I am 27 years old. I very cheerful and optimistical girl. I like to conduct an active way of life and go in for sports. My girlfriends speak, that I kindest, honest, responsible in all. I think, what I can always cheer up and amuse the person. I like to dream of future, I build plans to myself. Now, my purpose find the partner in life, because I’m already tired to live one and I want to have the family and children.

I want to find serious men for creation of family. I am a little confused, because I have not enough experience in it and and I really do not know what to write to you. Probably I am very brave, therefore I write to you. I looked profile of various guys, and have seen your. You have very much interested me and liked as the person. I have decided write just you. Probably you - my unique the man. Though actually it is very uneasy to find the love through the Internet, but I shall hope for it up to the last. Now, I need look forward to hearing from you, you write me back? I shall give you personal e-mail for fast connection with me. My e-mail: anyapetty@rambler.ru

I with not patience shall wait for the letter from you. And with pleasure I shall be ready to answer all your questions. I shall send you the image in the following letter.

With hope your new sincere friend Anastasiya.

I have to say it touched a chord with me as I, also, am tired to live one, and I can confirm that it very uneasy to find the love through the Internet! Still I remain optimistical.

It is some flowers ekcetera

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