London Graffiti

It is a bit like American Graffiti except probably with less mother******* swearing

Gulls at Fowey, Cornwall

This is in Cornwall’s historic Fowey which I will show you more pictures in a bit. But here is some gulls that caught my intrest while I was wandering around with Jane.

M-x george-bush-mode

Emacs is full of wonderful and baroque surprises, like a secret garden of hacker delights. It’s a bit like having a brilliant, eclectic, slightly obsessive friend with a quirky sense of humour, who talks to you in Lisp. Today I came across M-x dissociated-press which produces a comically scrambled travesty of the text you’re editing. It generates as much randomised gibberish as you want, and I figured a good way to test this was to apply it to one of George W. Bush’s speeches. If the output exactly resembles the input, then it must be working correctly. Here’s the result:

Today, the U.N. Commission on Human rights, economic sanctions on Iraq. Those sanctions when an outlaw regime’s good faith is to bet the last U.N. Commission on Human Rights, economic liberty, accept liability of the United Nations, and a totalitarian state.

The Iraqi regime is a grave and security will be enforced, or cast aside with little hope of foreign assistance. Iraq employs capable of producing chemical weapons. With every one of those of its founding members resolved a world. Yet today, it’s been almost four years of September the 11th. And al Qaeda terrorism and act to suppression of biological weapons. Delegates to their violent ambitions. In the Middle East and beyond. And we will continues to withhold important Iraqi citizens.

If all these standards, Turkomans, our citizens to do not intimidate through cruelty and conquest, and open societies that were poised to destroy and stopped — by the U.N. Security Council resolutions helping with every one year and a threat to meet our common challenge. In the Middle East the evidence. To assassinate the Emir of the Emir of Kuwait and a threat the Iraqi regime is that terrorism and act to suppress it, as all states are being unilaterally subverted by the Iraq’s dictators and broken that terrorism and act today to rid itself of weapons of mass death throughout free societies do not is among them.

In one place — nuclearning can triumph in the Middle East, there can be now expect of the U.N. Security Council resolutions. We’ve tried sanctions. Iraq has broke this promise, spending disease. If the Iraqi regime takes toward gaining moment to human dignity, the United Nations, and a three more times in 1991, Security Country, and right now those obligations. The Security are challenged. Our common challenge. If Iraq’s regime will remain unstable — the regional conflicts — ethnic afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Bahraini, and Omani nationals remain unacceptable.

Yesterday, Iraq continues that its legitimacy will also revealed that Iraq continues to develop weapons of mass destructure. Saddam Hussein pursued weapons, our principles and our resolvement with terrorism, and permit no biological weapons. We owe it to all our citizens of our world.

I like the coinages of ‘nuclearning’, and ‘mass destructure’, which are genuine inventions of Emacs. But basically it’s indistinguishable from the real President, so I can conclude that dissociated-press is an idempotent operation over Bushisms.