Some intresting news

It is not really, that was just to grab your attention. Still you are reading this, that is the true power of skilful copywriting.

I do not have that much to say in fact, I was meant to go on holliday but I had a problem with my back, so I had to stay at home and look after it. I have been mostly cooking and playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It is a terrifying simulation of the brutality of real war, except normally you are not piloting an attack helicopter and firing laser guided rockets at aliens while sipping a delicious Burgundy. Unless you are in the French army.

I bought some extra RAM for Susan, so my girlfriend now has an expanded memory, which if unlike me you actually have a real girlfriend, is the last thing you want. Also, if anything goes wrong, I just put her to sleep and she forgets everything I’ve done! Which would be great in real life.

Saturday night is for lesbian videos

Suggested viewing if you, like me, enjoy the hit show Berlin, Berlin. Luckily I was planning a night in anyway.

keithlard's pictures of the year

This is your captain keithlard speaking, thank you for flying Air Lard this year, and we hope you enjoyed the flight. The local time in Finchley is 20:47, and if you look straight ahead you will see keithlard’s top ten photos from this year, chosen by an independent panel of keithlard. Please fasten your seatbelts and refrain from smoking as we enjoy these gourmet photergraphs, followed by a selection of cheeses. This is my most favourited picture on Flickr.

No introduction needed to this building.

Two lovely Canada geese, taken at the Welsh Harp reservoir in London’s exclusive North London.

The car is not really moving at a zillion miles an hour, that is the power of the long exposure.

The low resolution and noisy sensor of my little phone camera works best with strong forms and bold colours. This is one of my favourite pictures that I have taken with it.

I took a lot of photos of skyscrapers this year. This is a nice one, Tower 42 in the City of London.

Part of my Fridge Poetry project.

Best candid of the year, taken at Camden Town station. If you are one of the passionate couple depickted here, contact me to win five pounds.

My most viewed picture on Flickr, taken before the smoking ban obviously. Now even just thinking about smoking is punishable by death, squads of armed tobacco police are roaming the streets to hunt down offenders.

The Lloyd’s Building, reflected in the Willis Building. I like this one, especially as the glorious curved sweep of glass makes the picture look like a fisheye distortion.

Well I hope you enjoyed those, I had a lot of fun taking them. I am looking forward to doing lots of photergraphy next year, I have got some new gadgets to try out, eg a circular polariser. And it really is a beautiful world. See you there in 2008!