Nimlard, the Mighty Hunter

Well in a ‘Daddy-or-chips’ moment I weighed up the relative merits of staying in and defrosting the freezer, or spending the day fishing! The thing is basically you do not need to do too much to a freezer, just let it get on with it, so I sneaked off with my fishing gear for a lovely day on the riverbank at Strand-on-the-Green in Chiswick.

I have got one of those folding chairs and set myself up for a comfy afternoon with some sandwidges and an orange and banana drink. It is nice fishing as people stop and talk to you.

Kew Bridge. I did not actually catch anything in fact but I had a few nibbles. The thing about fishing is that you have to do it a bit before you can figure out properly what you’re doing. I know a bit more about it now and am getting quite good at casting so next time I might do better.

The master angler, looking cheerful. I should have set up a bit nearer the pub though as I could have been relaxing with a big pint!

I accidentally made a beer lolly

Do you remember in Black Books when Bernard gets a frozen bottle of wine and smashes it on the desk and just starts licking the frozen goodness. I just did the same thing by mistake when I put a bottle of beer in the newly defrosted freezer compartmint instead of the fridge, and then went out to the pub with Matt.

When I came back it had not exploded. But it was foaming and all the beer is solid! I do not know what to do. I might have to go out to the little shop to get a new beer while the old one defrosts.


This was a lovely evening last week as we promenaded along the canal in London’s exclusive Camden! There was a quiet on the still water and a gentle blush of sunset mantled the cheek of eventide (good writing).

Walking under a glamorously lit bridge!

A magical palace of Chinese food.

Near the Lock, it is all very well this strolling in the crepuscular, verdant hush of a summer’s eve, but we were getting thirsty for a big pint!

Quotidian minutiæ

Huzzah for Fridays as I got in to work and there was a delicious lunch of spaghetti and meatballs, then we played a game where we had to steal a Book of Death and ring a bell which summoned ancient gods, then sacrifice people to them. In the evening I went to the Pineapple with Matt and some others and Jo came too! It turned out she was really nice and not a scary internet person at all, and she plied me with nuts which is always a good way to ensure my esteem and affection! Also she told me about some intresting birds.

Later I came home and watched the Simpsons and ate a big pizza! It does not get any better than that really.

Today I had to go to the dentoid in the morning which is obviously not that great, but it is a lot more fun coming out of the dentoid than going in if you know what I mean. I now have a super looking new filling which is all white and modern, and done with lasers, not like when I was young and they just used to pour boiling lead into it.

It is sunny today so I am wondering what to do. I quite fancy sitting outside the Dignity enjoying the sunshine and reading Bleak House with a refreshing pint. Do you like doing that and would you like to do it with me, if so you are very welcome to come too.

keithlard's wizzo night out

It was Pub Standards so I went along with a bunch of people and had a very enjoyable evening standing outside a pub (as so many people seem to do lately) chatting drunkenly with everyone, meeting a few new people, and generally chilling out. I think that is allowable. Goodness knows I have had the crappest time ever lately due to some things that I have not gone on about, due to not wanting to go on about things. I see this journal as a ray of hope for those in sadness and gloom, and an unfailingly cheery friend is just what you want sometimes. So I try to be that.

Anyway, that is by the by, as I had a wizzo time, then some of us went for curry, which was delicious, and then I successfully negotiated my way out of going clubbing, which I hate, and headed for the last tube.

I did not make it though which is annoying, as then you have to get a Knight Bus, due to the lazy and shiftless staff at Tottenham Court Road station closing early even though trains are still running. It was OK though as a special magic coincidence happened.

A few weeks ago I was on the now-legendary N20 to Finchley where there was a girl chatting on her mobile, she was obviously very cross at the person who was presumably her boyfriend, and calling him all types of names which frankly I would be ashamed to say in front of people. I think everyone on the bus was probably earwigging this conversation pretty good. I do not say that she did not provide a deal of entertainmint for us all the way from Highgate to Finchley. I almost wrote about it at the time except it seemed a bit mean making fun of someone obviously having a really shitty evening and being really upset.

I was waiting at the bus stop in Tottenham Court Road when I heard a familiar voice and yes, it was the same girl, chatting on her phone again, this time she did not seem to be cross. Normally I do not accost strangers as I would not like it if it was me, and I am British and also shy, but I went to say hello and told her that I remembered her from last time I was on a Knight Bus. We got to chatting and it turned out she is actually really nice, perhaps I just caught her at a bad time last time.

As it was we kept each other company throughout the interminable hours which it seems to be obligatory to have to wait for the N20, at last it turned up and… drove straight past. Well this was pretty annoying obviously, still perhaps he was full up, or just enjoyed tormenting tired and fed-up people who have waited an awful time at the bus stop. Jenna and I decided to cut our losses and share a taxi, I know it is a bit flash but sometimes you would pay a powerful sum of money just to be home, you know?

So that was grand and it turns out we live quite near one another in London’s exclusive Finchley! So it is nice to have made a new local friend, and to solve the mystery of the legendary Angry N20 Girl, and to hopefully have cheered up someone having a fairly rubbish evening.

In a way I am like a kind of modern saint, except I always imagined that saints would have less curry stains down their Google T-shirt.