Photo buffet

It is like a table laid out with delicious photos. Click on any of them to take a bigger bite. In real life do not eat photos, as they contain chemickals.

Things Facebook would never say

Paging Dr House

If I am sick, I definitely want Dr House looking after me. OK, he might mistakenly pump me full of deadly toxick drugs, or give me unnecessary brain surgery, but ultimately he would save me. Unless I was suffering from lupus as he is not very good at diagnosing that.

I think I would be quite good as a docktor, I suppose I am a computer docktor in a way. Except I do not get paid as much, and when my patients die I callously rip them open to harvest their organs. Just like real docktors. That is satire do not write in.

Also unlike House I have a great desk-side manner. “So what’s the trouble with the little fellow? Ah, don’t worry we’ll soon have him right *wiggles screwdriver reassuringly*. Now you might feel a little discomfort as I delete all your temporary internet files.”