You do know I'm an evil hypnotist?

This looks quite intresting:

Eye Gazing Parties

Here’s the idea: An even number of singles meet in an attractive space over drinks and world beats.

After a fun mini-lesson in the art of eye contact, the group splits into pairs, and each pair spends two minutes looking into each other’s eyes, no talking, just soaking in each other’s essence through the windows to their soul.

The pairs switch up every two minutes, for a total of 20 gazes during the evening with ample mingling time between the gazing sessions.”

I have to say, you lost me at ‘world beats’, but the whole prospeckt sounds terrifying anyway. I do not want anyone soaking in my essence, or least not till we’ve spent a bit of time together. Eye contact is a very powerful thing and somehow having too much of it would put me off I think. Surely that is part of the excitemint of being with someone that you fancy, and you do not quite know if they like you, and then you find them unexpecktedly looking at you over the mayonnaise. Or having a peek at your legs when you go to the bar. Surely gawping into each other’s face like a pair of mentals would ruin that fun.

Tim Ferriss wrote about this in his Experiments in Lifestyle Design blog: Dating Without Speaking: The Weird World of Eye Gazing Parties.

I first met Michael because I was studying Cuban salsa in South America at the time.” Thank you Tim. Tim is also the national Chinese kickboxing champion, TV actor, breakdancer, Princeton engineering lecturer, holder of the Guiness World Record in tango, businessman, author, speaks six languages, and is cordially detested by everyone he knows. I should imagine.

If you go to such an event, as I did for the first time last Tuesday night, it becomes clear how uncomfortable most people are doing this. I don’t think it’s necessarily the best way to meet your match (and it can attract some strange people, especially in SF), but it’s a very telling social experiment.

For the next two days, test gazing into the eyes of others—whether people you pass on the street or conversational partners—until they break contact.”

I don’t think I will actually, because if you try that in London, people will probably kick the shit out of you. Or if it is a girl, get her brother to kick the shit out of you. The unpleasant alternative is that if they like you, they might try to follow you home.

Quisiera estar en España ahorita

High-speed to the Spanish coast

The combination of the high-speed rail link from St Pancras… and a new high-speed service from Madrid to Malaga has now made it possible to travel, luxuriously and relatively swiftly, by train from the UK to the Costa del Sol.”

That is quite exciting actually especially if you are like me and love Spain, but are dead scared of flying especially on budget airlines. It is a funny thing but sometimes you go to a place and you just know straight away that it is magickal and where you need to be. I have been to France a lot of times and not felt that, nor in Belgium, Greece, Iceland, or any other frozen food stores. Spain is my place and when I went there three years ago I fell in love with it.

Of course I went to Andalucía which is glorious, vast, arid and mountainous, and full of delicious tapas. You have got great beaches, good climate, flamenco musick, architecture, all the girls are beautiful, what’s not to like. I know in reality it would not always be like a holiday and if you go to the Costa del Sol it is full of polyester-clad chavs binge-drinking WKD. The Costa Almería is nicer. Ideally I would avoid all English people, this is slightly easier as I speak quite reasonable Spanish. Except I once asked for a Coca-Cola in a bar and despite this being the world’s most internationally recognised brand name, the man gave me a hot chockolate instead. I do not think that is a problem with my Spanish though as Coca-Cola is the same in Spanish.

I would not mind living there especially if I could hibernate in a mountain cave during the withering heat of summer, curled up in a little ball and waking up every three weeks to eat some tapas.


Know now that you are born along with these
clouds, winds, and stars, and ever-moving seas

—Kathleen Raine