The Fluid Spheres of Earth

A great many fluid spheres have been falling on Cornwall and creating widespread TRAVEL CHROS, to say nothing of flooding my favourite pasty shop. I have been mostly staying indoors and beeswaxing the woodwork, and in between times laying down a dub or two of strange, other-worldly beats.

Music When Soft Voices Die

Did you know that one of Cornwall’s primary exports is ambient techno.

Taking old medicines

I am at my Cornish castle for a while, deep in darkest, rainiest November, and while clearing out the bathroom cabinet I came across the world’s oldest medicine (above).

I have no idea what “Colonel Pryce-Fawcett’s Patent Amphoteric Enlivening Liniment” actually does, but I imagine it is based on galvanic principles and can, under the right circumstances, transform base metals into gold. This looks as if it was first launched at the Great Exhibition of 1851, and has sat in our bathroom cupboard since.

I am not sure what happens if you take really old medicines. It might cure you of old diseases, like pox, or whooping cough. On the other hand it might give you them. For safety’s sake I am keeping the bottle in full view and watching it with the beady eye of a hawk, or lynx, whichever one is the beadiest.

However, the medicine still exists, according to my detailed research of typing it into Google. If you look at this modern packaging you can see that fonts may have moved on, but aluminium hydroxide gel B.P. can still help you work, rest, and digest.

Get down tonite

From Hark! A Vagrant.

Today’s activities have included tax preparation, client billing, spreadsheets, invoices, and do-it-yourself watch repair.

Tonight’s plans include:

  1. To get down

Live in Cornwall 2

Another live mix from my Cornish ambient techno workshop, where I have been hammering away, forging new beats and bleeps, bending ambient synth sounds into shape, and nailing on some carefully chosen samples.

For maximum listening enjoyment, position your speakers for perfect stereo imaging, adjust volume to a comfortable level, and light up a fatty.

Dating profile

This is my profile on a dating site:

I am a normal man who likes books ekcetera (not Books Etc the shop, which ironically I do not like as it is killing local independent bookshops).

My favourite hobbies are cycling and photography, and ideally I like to combine them. The way I do this is to have a giant camera with wheels on, that I ride around. That is not true in fact, but you must admit it is a compelling image.

The more I think about it, it is no wonder I’m not getting much intrest.

(Originally posted 2006-08-24)

Slow World

More music from bitfield, Cornwall’s second most famous ambient techno artist.

Gravity Waves

Another live recording for your enjoyment. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking this music. Always read the label.

In My Time

From the Guardian:

In Our Time
Technically more weird than awful, Melvyn Bragg wraps his intellectual jowls around ginormous and baffling subjects as dementedly diverse as “The Graviton - the quest for the theoretical gravity particle”, “Greyfriars and Blackfriars - philosophy, evangelism and fund-raising in the 13th-century Church” or “Pastoral literature - the romantic idealisation of the countryside”. It’s like being locked in a university library with several tutors. On crack.

—Gareth McLean, The Battle of the Bores

That is basically my favourite programme of all time you realise.

Being with me is like having a small battery-powered Melvyn Bragg in your coat pocket that keeps talking about intresting books, or the phillersophy of Plato, or how black holes work, or like on one date where I explained to the girl basically the entire theoretical framework of Hume’s empiricism, except I was drunken so it did not make much sense. I do not know what part of my brain thinks people would like to hear that especially girls.

(Originally posted 2006-09-16)

Dream Time

DJ The Major and bitfield have been hard at work in the studio (or DJ The Major’s living room).