Plymouth, Citie of Onne Thousand Surprises

Drake’s Island and Plymouth Sound

Old and new buildings jostle together in Plymouth, Citie of Onne Thousand Surprises!

The war memorial on Plymouth Hoe

Disaffected gulls hanging out at the Barbican

Fluffy pub cat at the Rashleigh, Polkerris (not near Plymouth, but it is nice)

Enjoying a pint at Polkerris and watching the sun set over St Austell Bay

The adventures of a little phone

In my Yoga Journal daily insight today it said I should try and be positive about life changes and have faith that things will be good in the future. It is hard though sometimes.

As befits someone in my position I went to Sainsbury’s and bought about one million calories of comfort food. On the way back from the calerie shop there were blackbirds singing and I saw a super white dove (or pidgeon, it is the same thing really). Also spring flowers were out and so forth.

It is still a lovely world.

I should have known better than to try and install my nice new big USB disk today, as not only did it not work, but my mouse stopped working. I think it is one of those days where if you just keep fiddling, gradually your whole computer falls to pieces like a clown car, followed by the walls and roof of your flat.

I had another go when I came back as I was feeling more cheery after seeing blackbirds, and after wrestling with kernel images, initrds, and package dependency hell, I got it working! So I have a big fat envelope for keeping movies, intellergent documentaries or baffling Jonathan Creek mysteries.

The mouse works too now!

Eden 4