Dude someone cold tried to break into my car

Luckily Audi door technology was more than a match for the burglarious wazzocks, and they managed only to break off and jam a metal sliver in each lock, rendering the car un-openable even by its legitimate owner (me). With a bit of jiggling of Leatherman screwdriver and pliers I managed to un-jam the passenger side so I could at least, you know, drive the car.

I dare say they were after the satnav, which I am not dumb enough to leave in the car, although I am dumb enough to leave the mount attached to the windscreen, as if to say ‘Please fruitlessly damage my car doors in a vain attempt to defeat the electronically-coded central locking with a nail file’. What is particularly cheeky is that they did it in the little car park at the back, in full view of my living room and overlooked by five other flats and innumerable houses and people walking past.

I do not have a girlfriend so that car is basically all I have emotionally right now.

I am damn unsatisfied to be killed in this way

I have had a nice relaxing day chomping bacon, reading Hikaru No Go and listening to Julian Gray & Ronald Pearl’s Baroque Inventions. In between times I am also reading Richard Fortey’s The Earth: An Intimate History, and plotting the delicious curry I will be making later.

So it is a good day all around really. Also, more songs from the Archway Guitar Quartet:

Liberals under the bed!

I think this is brilliant. This really is a genuine book, not something made up to discredit American conservatives, like a sort of inverted Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The best thing though is the Amazon review which says:

I loved this book! Not quite as good as the last book, “Help, Mom, There Are Jews in the Attic!”, but still a great jump-start program for getting the youth involved in the party. Can’t wait to read the forthcoming “Daddy, Come Quick, There Are Coons in the Garage!”

I do not know much about American politics, but I can’t help thinking it is a bad sign when the word ‘liberal’ has become an insult.