Get down tonite

From Hark! A Vagrant.

Today’s activities have included tax preparation, client billing, spreadsheets, invoices, and do-it-yourself watch repair.

Tonight’s plans include:

  1. To get down

Live in Cornwall 2

Another live mix from my Cornish ambient techno workshop, where I have been hammering away, forging new beats and bleeps, bending ambient synth sounds into shape, and nailing on some carefully chosen samples.

For maximum listening enjoyment, position your speakers for perfect stereo imaging, adjust volume to a comfortable level, and light up a fatty.

Dating profile

This is my profile on a dating site:

I am a normal man who likes books ekcetera (not Books Etc the shop, which ironically I do not like as it is killing local independent bookshops).

My favourite hobbies are cycling and photography, and ideally I like to combine them. The way I do this is to have a giant camera with wheels on, that I ride around. That is not true in fact, but you must admit it is a compelling image.

The more I think about it, it is no wonder I’m not getting much intrest.

(Originally posted 2006-08-24)