On The Nature of Daylight

DJ The Major is away on holiday at the moment soaking up tropical rays and dancing the conga with beach beauties, and so on, hence his absence from this stereophonic sound recording. It is very snowy here so I have been shivering over a candle and wearing my coat and gloves indoors, which makes mixing ambient techno a bit difficult because of my huge, wool-clad sausagey fingers. The secret is to use a massive mouse!

bitfield - On The Nature of Daylight

Unwrap and enjoy William Orbit, Vidna Obmana, Pass Into Silence, Spacecraft, Michael Stearns, Liquid Mind, Iasos, David Parsons, Markus Guentner, Marconi Union, KLF, View To The Future, Jonn Serrie, Freezone, Dakini Mandarava, A Small Good Thing, Jon Hopkins, Radiohead, NuNRG, The Gyuto Monks, Harold Budd, Hemisphere, and Max Richter.

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