In My Time

From the Guardian:

In Our Time
Technically more weird than awful, Melvyn Bragg wraps his intellectual jowls around ginormous and baffling subjects as dementedly diverse as “The Graviton - the quest for the theoretical gravity particle”, “Greyfriars and Blackfriars - philosophy, evangelism and fund-raising in the 13th-century Church” or “Pastoral literature - the romantic idealisation of the countryside”. It’s like being locked in a university library with several tutors. On crack.

—Gareth McLean, The Battle of the Bores

That is basically my favourite programme of all time you realise.

Being with me is like having a small battery-powered Melvyn Bragg in your coat pocket that keeps talking about intresting books, or the phillersophy of Plato, or how black holes work, or like on one date where I explained to the girl basically the entire theoretical framework of Hume’s empiricism, except I was drunken so it did not make much sense. I do not know what part of my brain thinks people would like to hear that especially girls.

(Originally posted 2006-09-16)

2 comments on In My Time

  1. Helena (not verified)
    Tue, 09/14/2010 - 17:59

    I like to hear things like that. And I like “In Our Time” too. You are not alone.

  2. admin
    Tue, 09/14/2010 - 19:31

    Also when I was out with Kate I explained to her basically the founding ideas of exegetical criticism of the New Testament and the criteria for evaluating sources of the historical Jesus. Then I tried to show her the Space Station, but it did not show up (probably due to a previous engagement).

    I am a great date really. Thankfully she agreed to see me again.

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