The Man of La Muncher

Well here I am at my country castle, nestling next to the stove and warming my hands on a traditional MacBook. Luckily I am getting used to the castle-dweller’s lifestyle and always lay in supplies of wood and beer before I leave. Then when I come down I can immediately stuff wood into the stove and beer into my mouth. One time I got that mixed up and I can only describe the results as ‘disappointing’.

I cruised down to Cornwall this afternoon in the two-seater, enjoying an audiobook about Jesus and the Gospels. There was not much other traffic on the A303 so much of the journey was spent in hyperspace, although I did see a little yellow Mini. Man that Mini must have been modified in some way, as it was nearly keeping up with the Elan. Do the new Minis have nitro? (Memo: investergate this.)

Well I must go and have dinner now. Burger and chips! According to the governmint this can help you lose weight as part of a burger-controlled diet.

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