Madness is over-buying bread

I went to the cinema to watch that movie Michael Clayton. It is really good in fact, you did not think I would like it as it does not have anyone shooting guns or going into space, or shooting guns in space, but I confounded your expecktations. It is not a fast-moving action blockbuster, considering it is written by the same bloke that wrote The Bourne Ultimatum there is no spies, sex, brainwashing, or governmint conspiracies and a strickly limited number of explosions and murders (one each).

Still it is an intelligent, sensitive and nuanced character piece with excellent performances, most notably by George Clooney’s face. The story develops slowly (three people walked out before the end of the first reel, tut-tutting with impatience) but builds to its climax via well-written dialogue scenes that never seem to drag. The plot is familiar (evil big company makes dangerous product, covers up evidence) but thankfully it is not one of those thrillers densely jammed with implausible twists and tricks, where if you go to the bathroom for five minutes you miss finding out that the hero was a robot all along.

Clooney is complicated and believable as the troubled New York attorney who stumbles on something darker than the usual corporate venality. Delicious Tilda Swinton gets too little screen time as head lawyer of EvilCorp, driven to take some decidedly extra-legal measures to control a desperate situation. She is probably one of my top favourite actresses named after rice.

So that is my movie review, I give it five bits of popcorn out of five, only there is not any left because I scoffed it all!

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  1. Anonymous noodl (not verified)
    Sun, 06/06/2010 - 15:21

    That was a whole paella fun, especially as the layers slowly pilau-way ;-)

    Cheers for the tip!

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