keithlard's wizzo weekend

I had a super Saturday which was meeting up with Sophy in town and having sophistercated coffees ekcetera, and then looking at shops. Thanks to my personal shopper I got some nice new shoes, and some subtle yet exotick cologne such as featured previously in the pages of this journal!

We had drinks at the NFT which is about the same price as a weekend in space, but then you are paying for the ambience and eg such as top celebrities and movie stars, although we did not see any. Then we did lots of photography along the river looking at all the pretty coloured lights and the Eye and so on, of which photos to follow! So that was great.

Then on Sunday Jane made me a delicious casserole of chicken and vegertables, and we ate it with some posh wine and choclet fudge ice cream, and watched Hogfather which was really good. I wore a jacket and tie and shiny shoes and Jane said I looked hott! So my theory is correct that actually I scrub up pretty well. I expect all you doubting folk that said it is best to wear a potato sack and smell like a tramp will be laughing on the inside of your faces now.

I quite like my new stylish image and I think basically I always had a suave inner elegance, it is just that the outward expression of it was slightly hidden by wearing eg ratty old jumpers and jeans gone out at the knee. So if you see me around town looking like a dapper, cosmopolitan bavardeur, flicking an imaginary speck of dust from my immaculate lace cuffs, you know why!

In other news, I just got through reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris which is terrific, so now I am going to read all her other books. I like it when you read a really good book by someone and then you get to the end and see that they have written other things as well. Also it is now a major motion picture so I would like to watch that.

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