keithlard's wizzo day

I breakfasted hugely off a servant, with such as organic bacon and sossidges, and potato latkes from the shop, which my friend Daphna did not believe existed, but I texted her a picture of them as photergraphic evidence. You see we are a very multi-ethnic society these days; we welcome free-spending barbarian invaders. Basically I am in favour of cultural diversity because it means more different types of delicious takeaway food.

I did some work things and then escaped by means of an ingenious cardboard cutout of myself, complete with ping-pong balls for eyes, staring intellergently at the computer screen, while I went romping on my bike in the sunshine over hill and dale and through big puddles of mud. I went all up the brook to Totteridge and then down by Wonderful Man Pond and over the common past the Hedge of Mystery, back up Burtonhole Lane by the electricity substation, which I now realise looks like the set of every Blake’s 7 episode, and over the golf course and back home. There is a lot of mud around at the moment! I am getting quite good at it though as you need to shift your weight over the back wheel, pedal slowly and firmly in low gear, and activate the James Bond-style button which turns the bike into a fully-functioning submarine.

I had a good wash to get all the lumps of Totteridge Common off me and then I went for a super night out with Matt and Sophy!. It was Ian’s birthday party at Quinn’s, and we joined suspicious looking Goth types for a few drinks before heading off to Kentish Town for a top quality curry. Yum yum!

I had a few tasty Belgian drinks butm not drunkonest. Oof. Tumbled over!

I am happy though.

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