keithlard's Wizzo Birthday

I am immensely attractive to females at the moment, and every night a lot of them come into my room and get in bed with me, and start nestling up close to me and biting and sucking bits of my flesh. Unfortunately they are female mosquitos, so now I am covered in horrid bites.

Sophy and I went for a birthday picknick last night in Alexandra Park, near the palace, chomping delicious home-made birthday cake and other foodstuffs, and looking at the soft hazy moon and the stars and wondering which one was going to turn into the Starship Enterprise. So that was great!

Today it rained and rained and rained so it was blissfully cool and I slept in beyond any possible bounds of reasonableness, and then went to Tescos for every kind of delicious brekfust item and some Indian style delicacies for later. Hopefully some lads are coming round for a lads’ night out which should by law include:

  1. A pint or five of Leffe and nuts at the Dignity
  2. Curry from The Balti
  3. Indian snacks and beer at home in front of amusing comedy
  4. My chums

That is it really. Also I have lots of wizzo presents and cards! I am looking forward to tucking in to all my super Amazon books.

I love you all, signing off now for coffee and sossidges :D

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