keithlard, Pillsbury Doughboy

It was a busy day yesterday and Romany and I had a big Italian style dinner in the evening made of mostly tomatoes, and a delicious lamb, also fresh basil, garlic and pasta, and wine. And choclet, that was afters though not mixed in with the rest. A culinary artiste like me knows when things do not go.

Today was full of adventures, including getting lost in East London due to my satnav accidentally getting set to ‘Evil’, but the best adventure was chomping pizza in front of the telly. I do not normally have pizza, or telly, or Romany, so I think it is allowable to be excited.

I also played piano, that’s right look impressed I can play the piano! Is there no end to the boy’s talents. Musician, cook, poet, dreamweaver, explorer, bird noticer, master driver, crisp inventor!

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