It is a shame people do not like birds

There was a programme on the other day which was Bill Oddie’s Top Ten Birds, it is basically people’s favourite British birds. I think this is a super idea for a programme as most people have seen and like birds, even if they do not exactly know anything about them. So it would not kill you to watch a few minutes of explaining about robins, or looking at a bluetit nesting. But I bet I am the only person in the universe that would watch that show.

It is a shame as I can think of nothing better than to nestle down watching a programme like that with someone else that would like it, perhaps with a few snacks and a posh beer. But so far from finding a person like that, if I ever tell a girl that I like finding out about birds and going to the pond to see the coots, or watching a pair of magnificent swans on the wing, or shrieking out ‘Ooh! A kingfisher!’ like an over excited child, they always lose intrest and remove me from their buddy list.

There is only one person that liked to go places with me where they have birds, or look at programmes on the telly eg The Life of Birds which is amazing, but she did not want to go out with me after a while, but mirabile dictu it was not due to the bird intrest.

Even my friends advise me not to mention that type of thing as it is a dating no-no, but that seems stupid. Surely I ought to be honest about what I am like and the things I like, in the hope of finding someone else that likes the same things! Especially as the more rare and precious those things are, the harder to find someone that likes them too. If there is someone that would look down on you because you like wandering by a placid lake at evenfall listening to the mournful croak of the moorhen, instead of being a top investmint banker or making lots of money, they are not the person for me anyway.

It makes no difference anyway as people soon find out what you are like. I think it is OK to carry on being intrested in the many unfashionable things I am intrested in, and just wait for fashions to come round to me instead.

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