Invasion of the Potter People

In some ways it is like Harry Potter is some type of bizarre alien virus that has taken hold of people’s minds and caused them to talk about Harry Potter a lot and buy all his books and say he is really good.

Do not write in saying I am a fool for not liking Harry Potter because I do. I saw that movie about Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix which was pretty great in fact! There I said it. On the other hand the people that like Harry Potter related things too much scare me.

It is OK basically but JK Rowling’s writing is curiously stilted and uninvolving, and even though Order of the Pheonix is gorgeously filmed and put together with wit and charm, it dissolves in the mind like popcorn in Fanta. Nothing remains after a few minutes except a pleasant burp of computerised special effects.

In a way that is what is so appealing, not everyone wants Battleship Potemkin with their Cornetto, but how to explain the many otherwise well-balanced seeming people who think Harry Potter is the best thing ever. By miles.

I know it makes me seem a bit stern and grumpy, as though I want to punish children for lifting up their laughing, happy little faces to see a magical wizard and his friends and token ethnic companions defeating Evil.

I do not. I only think some type of police licensing system could be introduced, where if you received a certain number of points for offences involving being over enthusiastic about Harry Potter, you would be banned from talking about Harry Potter or writing ungrammatical and overtly sexual fan fiction on the Internet.

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