Indians are taking up yoga

Another successful Western cultural export!

Disco yoga? Laughter yoga? It’s more popular than ever before - but these days yoga is a lifestyle choice rather than a serious practice, says Kathy Phillips.
It’s meant to be spiritual, you know

Personally I think yoga is great, so I am not going to get too sniffy about it especially as if it were not for the massive popularisation of yoga I never would have discovered it myself, albeit before Madonna. There used to be a TV series when I was very small (for the younger generation, this was practically in black and white, and used to be broadcast from Alexandra Palace, with scratchy music and a yoga teacher in a dinner jacket) called Lyn Marshall’s Everyday Yoga and me and my Mum used to do it.

Regrettably I let my practice lapse a bit between the ages of about 9 and 29, so I cannot really sneer, like Phillips, at those who pick up and put down yoga as easily as getting in and out of your 4x4. I suppose I have picked and chosen the bits I like or that work for me and left the rest, although I do know it is not a high-energy aerobic activity or a competitive sport. Still however you come to yoga I think that as you start listening to your body it starts talking to you in a little voice telling you what it really wants.

Sometimes in my case it is a bacon sandwidge though.

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