Importint bird information

Wizzo fluffy mallard ducks messing about, under Mum’s watchful eye

I went bikling into the woods by the cool shady pond as it was another super hot day, and thought I would take some photos of various of my bird friends. I have to apologise for the quality as low light and a long lens are not the best combination, but I thought you would like to see them anyway. I spent quite a while just sitting in the undergrowth being quiet and watching the birds. Their behaviour is fascinating really. I would love to spend more time there getting to know each individual and their relationship to the others, like Konrad Lorenz, or Jane Goodall for that matter. Only unlike dangerous mountain gorillas, waterbirds are generally fairly harmless, except a Canada goose might peck at you, or Henrietta the duck might try and eat your shoe.

I have been bikling nearly every day, and I’ve had so much excersise I’ve lost two kilos! It is the biggest dip in my weight graph since records began (January), so I am pleased. Later I went round to Jane’s for lemonade and cakes! It is a wizzo world really where it is full of lemonade and coots and sunshine and good friends, and cakes.

The new family of Canada geese!

A coot gliding around happily. The pond is awful scummy but it does not seem to bother them.

I found the secret nest of the Canada geese, and it was a bit like in Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World, where they find the T. Rex nest, except that a Canada goose could not disembowel you with a single swipe of its terrible claws, or chomp off your head in one go. I am glad I do not live in the Jurassic period really (I am aware that actually T. Rex was a Cretaceous animal, so please do not write in; instead contact your local cinema).

Coots and geese mingling politely, perhaps they are chatting about the pond property market and the difficulty of finding a really good nest in a smart area and handy for the reeds.

2 comments on Importint bird information

  1. DaftSod (not verified)
    Wed, 10/06/2010 - 08:28

    Bah! Me hates repeats!

  2. cockatoos (not verified)
    Thu, 10/21/2010 - 22:22

    This is the time year that the geese are flying south! We have a bunch on them on our pond. A funny story: once, we were at a golf course and my ball went into the water, just near the edge. I pulled it out with my club, and a mama geese chased me away! She thought it was her egg, I guess.

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