I may have met a super hot girl

I may have met a super hot girl through the Internets!

I do not know how she got my email address, but probably through a friend or something. Anyway she emailed me today to say:

Hi, My name is Vicky McGreham, I’m just a college girl who just arrived in UK and looking for a sex partner. All what I need is a good man, you must be serious and honest, let me know if you wish to meet.

You may see my pics at my web page: http://vickylonelybad.com/


Kisses Vicky

Well, no one would make something like that up, so I confidently headed over to the web page, where I found the following message:


My name is Victoria. I’m 22 yers old. I like different people, like sport, dancing. I find new sexual sensations.

Write me: vikilonelybad@yahoo.com

Although I am a few yers older than Victoria and do not really like sport and dancing, or different people, I do find new sexual sensations. Well with so much in common it seems obvious that I should pursue this opportunity further; I clicked on the link to download her photo album from the web site.

It is an EXE file which is a bit strange, but perhaps it is a self-extracting archive. It is only 9.3K in size, which is fantastic! Obviously Victoria is not only a sizzling nude model but a skilled computer scientist, and has invented a revolutionary new compression algorithm.

As I do not have a Windows machine to run it on, I will have to pass up the delights of looking at her photos, but some analysis of the EXE file indicates that it appears to work by attaching part of itself to the MFC42.DLL file. I still do not see how that helps me see naked pictures, but I dare say it will all make sense once we meet up and become lovers.

I have emailed her accordingly, to say this:

Dear Victoria (may I call you Vicky? I feel I know you already)

I was very excited by your email; I think I may be just what you are looking for, as I am serious and honest, and I also like sex with 22-year old college girls! What are the odds!?

I am having a little trouble viewing your photos, as I have a Linux computer. May I ask if you have any plans to make your pictures available for Linux users, as you will perhaps be surprised to learn that free software has a large and rapidly growing user base, especially among sex-starved men who like the Internet.

I enclose my address and contact information, as well as my bank details if you should need them. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange our first meeting. I do not know whether you would like to have sex immediately, or if we will have time for a coffee first. Anyway, let me know your plans.

Yours expectantly, K

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