I do not know why people make such a fuss

It is easy to deal with being miserable as basically playing with computers all day takes your mind off it, and the rest of the time I am drunk!

Do not try to play with computers when youare drunk though as you get mixed up wtih what keys you are typing ekcetera and then you have mistakenly deleted the Internet or such.

It is OK really as I went to the shop there earlier and the Moon and Stars were out so I spent a pleasant while in the road looking at them. It is great that we have the Moon as otherwise it would be less intresting, also it would be awful lonely for the Earth not having company.

It is fantastic at the moment as the Moon is really close to Saturn! If you look at it it is obvious what I mean. Also they are being followed across the sky by Leo, which is the bringer of Spring and although it is a lion, it is not the scary kind like you might think. It is more like Aslan. A cheerful lion that is concerned for your welfare.

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