I am damn unsatisfied to be killed in this way

I have had a nice relaxing day chomping bacon, reading Hikaru No Go and listening to Julian Gray & Ronald Pearl’s Baroque Inventions. In between times I am also reading Richard Fortey’s The Earth: An Intimate History, and plotting the delicious curry I will be making later.

So it is a good day all around really. Also, more songs from the Archway Guitar Quartet:

Archway Guitar Quartet - Something She Said

Archway Guitar Quartet - Here In My Car

A blue tit flew up to my window feeder! It saw me and sort of coughed apologetically as if to say ‘Sorry, wrong room’ and wandered off again, but it is a good sign - I suspected that birds have been taking seed from there over the last couple of days. So bird excitemint is mounting.

I am getting really intrested in Go actually as I have been playing a couple of people at work, and bought myself a super new set of stones at the weekend. It is wizzo fun. All I need now is someone to come to the Dignity with me for a pint of Leffe and a game or two.

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