I saw that show House with Hugh Laurie as a tough-talking maverick doctor who doesn’t play by the rules, but by golly he gets things done. It is really good. I have added it to my list of favourite TV shows as I only like shows with one-word names ie. viz. House, Lost, Thief, Hustle, Spooks, Rome, Strange, Spaced, Coast, 4400 (I know it is The 4400 really, but it does not matter), Asylum, Clerks, Frasier, Extras, Bottom, Coupling, Blackadder, Hippies, Spy, Lexx, Friends, and Alias.

Ooh! And Seinfeld.

If there are any more that you like with one word names, please write in to the address on your screens now.

Do not submit the names of really good TV shows that have two words, eg. such as Jonathan Creek, Doctor Who, I, Claudius, Yes, Minister ekcetera, as they are inadmissible. The number of words in the title should be more than zero, but less than 2.

King of the Hill is right out.

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    Mon, 06/27/2011 - 07:16


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