Hob nobbing with celebrities

It is funny how things work out as yesterday I was really cross due to missing the train by 0.001 microseconds, which is the smallest time that exists and is known as the Planck interval, because you feel like a planck for having to wait around for the maximum time for the next train.

But then I saw the actor Marc Warren! He was waiting for the tube at Finchley Centraal, just like me! So we obviously have a lot in common, except being an internationally famous top celebrity film and TV actor who is in a hit TV series with hott actress Jaime Murray. He looked just like a regular person eg he was tutting over the time to the next train, and texting on his mobile.

I always want to say something if I see celebrities eg “hello it is you off the telly isn’t it”, but fear this lacks originality. Paul Darrow wrote an autobiography called ‘You’re Him, Aren’t You?’ Ideally I would look coolly at him and say ‘Ah, Marc, how lovely to meet you. I’m a great follower of your stage work. Do let me know, won’t you, if you can come to my little cocktail gathering on Saturday. It’s just a few closely selected friends, eg Al Pacino, Harvey Weinstein, Helen Mirren ekcetera.’

Instead I would probably actually just go ‘TV BLOKE!!!’ right in his surprised face.

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