Here's one, Ted. How'd you get to Carnegie Hall?

I walked home from work today. It is quite a long way! It took me about an hour and a half, but it is quite a nice scenic walk, and it is all useful calorie burning excersise contributing to Project Hott.

A young man approached me as I was walking up the A1 near East Finchley, and the exchange went a bit like this:

Man: Excuse me, do you know where North London is?
Me: Errrr… (trying to work out how to put this politely) We’re pretty much in North London right now.
Man: So do you know where the Apollo Club is?
Me: Sorry, no.
Man: But this is North London?

I cannot think of any way of getting to Finchley, short of a personal jet-pack, or teleportation from the future, without being aware that you are in fact in North London. Alternatively, I suppose it is possible to be so enormously drunk that you lose all memory of the actual city that you’re in, although I usually cannot afford to drink that much.

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