I have been feeling a bit rubbish due to having what is invariably described on HR forms as ‘a debilitating pulmonary viral infection’, or in plain language, a cold. It is one of those that makes you sniffle continually and feel tired if you walk to the kitchen. Still I am immensely brave and do not complain, mostly, there is no point being a tremendous martyr if you do not tell people about it.

I went to IKEA the other day and it is quite entertaining, I like noticing the bizarre and inappropriate names that they have for household things, eg an ashtray called GROGGY, or some cutlery called ALERT, or a range of attractive yet practical bathroom furniture called PERISKOP. I also like thinking about the imaginary lives that the invisible people who live in IKEA showrooms have. They appear to be quite tidy yet always leave the duvet artfully tousled, and spend a lot of time reading freakishly obscure books in Swedish like ‘En Belyst Historia av Gaffel’ or ‘Düde, var är bílen?’ They obviously do not have children as all their furniture is still intact, and the walls are not covered with felt pen and sick. All their CDs have been recently stolen to judge from the vast empty racks, but this is not surprising as they are always out, yet do not take the most basic security precautions such as having walls, or a front door.

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  1. Matt (not verified)
    Mon, 02/08/2010 - 15:00


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