Get back to Finchley, you North Londoner!

It is quite funny that newspapers I don’t read are making a fuss about a TV show I don’t watch. But I puzzled over this, from the Guardian:

The complaints were further fuelled when Tweed was reported as calling Shetty a “Paki”. Channel 4 insists that in fact the word he used, which was bleeped out, was “cunt”.

— The Guardian, Big Brother creates diplomatic incident

I’d love to have overheard that conversation with the press officer. But when did it become more insulting to be called a Paki than a cunt? Surely ‘Paki’ simply means someone from Pakistan, in the same way that ‘Geordie’ means someone from Newcastle. It may or may not be factually correct, but it can never be an insult.

I might think that someone who called me a Geordie was a bit ignorant about the fine distinctions of regional origin within the United Kingdom, but I’d hardly get upset about it.

If you think it is an insult to be called Pakistani, what does that say about you?

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