I do not know if you like crosswords. I do. I thought I would have a go at making my own one up. I have a lot more respect for crossword setters now, as it is jolly hard work! Do not look at the answers until you have had a go yourself, first correct solution wins an unspecified awesome prize! (Not a guarantee.)

1. Pliable clay hat ordered by letter (14)
9. Compose tabla duet in regular fashion (9)
10. He possesses new design in gold (5)
11. Greek letter may be detail I’m missing (5)
12. Humiliating demotion (9)
13. Drat! Cop’s rewritten holiday missive (8)
14. He races for drink after drink (6)
17. English: fail or pass (6)
19. You’ll hear company’s after a hat in Mexico (8)
22. ‘Disturbing scurf’ rife among the less well-groomed (9)
24. Throw back in oversized Greek coins (5)
25. Huan, a confused Mexican (5)
26. Start eating, or I go crazy! (9)
27. Requirements for making scientific soap (14)

1. With workers all around, I force down Prozac (14)
2. Blues legend in disturbed sleep on the beach (7)
3. Nasal lice form relationships (9)
4. Overdose after shock - emergency room medic’s first to uncover outer skin (8)
5. In wind I go bluish colour (6)
6. Wool’s lacking direction in the marketplace (5)
7. Pulses badly lit through lens (7)
8. A love of company may arouse sniggers (14)
15. Endless publicity? Not I, street performer (9)
16. Heartless cad I squashed under a car (8)
18. Crashed Ira’s cool flying machine (7)
20. Spilled ale onto chap in much ado about nothing (7)
21. Warn about petty officer getting into fight (3,3)
23. Old money? Sounds believable (5)

Answers here

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