**** You, Northern Line!

I forgot to say what happened a day last week, I think it was Friday. It was TRAVEL CHROS (as primitivepeople puts it) at Finchley Central due to a signal failure. There was no trains in the morning and then in the evening when i tried to come home one train after another terminated at East Finchley instead of going on one stop more to Finchley Central. I stood on the platform waiting for ages and every time a train came in, it looked as if it was going to go on, and then it sat there for five minutes and eventually a man came along and said sorry it is not going anywhere so everyone off.

The thing is it was taking long enough just to get to East Finchley, and one man was obviously very upset when he got off as he shrieked out at the top of his voice “YOU ARE FUCKING SHIT, NORTHERN LINE! AND YOU ARE RUINING EVERYBODY’S FUCKING LIVES!”

Poor Northern Line as it is not its fault, by and large it does a great job and what’s more it cannot answer back. Still there were some agreeing nods from people as if to say “He’s saying what everybody’s thinking, only with more swears and flecks of angry spittle.”

The next train took me home so perhaps it heard the man and was embarrassed.

Also it is hardly ruining your life if you are half an hour late, except if you are a courier carrying human transplant organs or something. Even then they have ice for that. I do not think they get the Tube though, to be honest that is perhaps taking optimism too far.