The Barbican

I am a big fan of Brutalist archie-tecture, it has something of a bad reputation due to some grim but well-intentioned social housing projects, but in fact the name just refers to the technique of finishing buildings with raw concrete (béton brut). Brutalism also makes much of straight lines, angles and solid geometry, and the Barbican is a lovely example of this.

Various unusual photergraphs

An intresting puffball thing at Eden.

This is what the Panorama mode on my little phone does. I quite like it as it is a bit like walking up Regents Park Road in Finchley on weird drugs. I mean I imagine.

I saw this cake in the supermarket and just really liked the name. And the cake!

There actually was a moth on my screen!

I like this cat’s expression, if cats have expressions.

I was enjoying a refreshing lager in the Catcher in the Rye pub in London’s Finchley, and due to a candle, I had a sinister glowing pint!

Geese and friends


Venus and Mercury. It is unusual to see Mercury so clearly (bottom right), as it was approaching maximum elongation (when the Sun, Earth and Mercury form a right angle). Uranus would also be in frame, as it was approaching conjunction with Venus, except it is far too dim to show up in this exposure of course. Neptune, if it were bright enough to see, would have just set.

The long exposure has given a pretty effect to a passing plane (top left).

Snowy Finchley!

A St. Valenteen’s Day card that I made for someone, it turned out they did not want it. It says ‘Lettuce bee Valentines’!

Magpie Mosaic. This is my hommage (French for ripoff) of South African photographer Johann Mader’s Mopane Mosaic. I like that he lists among his equipment, ‘beanbag’. In my picture, can you spot the cheeky magpie? :D

Look! A plane!

Tamar Bridges

If you grow up in east Cornwall the main shopping place to go is Plymouth, which unfortunately is over the border in Devon, where they talk funny and are inbred and so forth. But you do get to go over this magnificent bridge. It was built in 1961, the UK’s longest suspension bridge at the time, and is still not paid for.

Brunel’s famous Royal Albert railway bridge. It is always a bit worrying going over this as the train has to go super slow, for fear of the whole thing collapsing into the river. I am sure it is not likely to collapse any time soon, but you cannot help thinking that as the train picks its way gingerly across.

More from Fowey

I went to school in Fowey, and I suppose I was spoiled rotten, although it did not seem that way at the time as it was a toughish comprehensive that made Grange Hill look like Linbury Court. Still it is a lovely little town and nowadays is thriving with many intresting shops. It also welcomes free-spending barbarians.

Restricted zone. Fowey’s mediæval streets are even narrower and twistier than Mevagissey, and driving my enormous Audi around the old town felt rather like navigating a billion-ton oil tanker up the Norfolk Broads.

This is the King of Prussia where we used to go for a crafty pint or twelve, there is something nice about having a drink in a genuine olde-worlde pub in a fishing village and then being able to stumble out and fall straight off the edge of the quay into the river.

It is Daphne du Maurier country of course, and though she probably wrote a good many more books than she really ought to have, it is keeping local bookshops in business to this day. Intrestingly you can see Sally Beauman’s excellent Rebecca’s Tale in this picture, which is one of the few literary ‘sequels’ to actually be any good.

Unlike most people brought up in Cornwall, I am hopeless with boats ekcetera and do not know my aft from my elbow. It is a shame as I am in love with the romance of the sea, but get unromantically sick if I go anywhere near it. Except if it is one of those giant ferries where you can pretend it is just a big building full of drunk children and bad entertainers.


Joie de vivre

Phone pictures out and about in springing London.

London Graffiti

It is a bit like American Graffiti except probably with less mother******* swearing

Gulls at Fowey, Cornwall

This is in Cornwall’s historic Fowey which I will show you more pictures in a bit. But here is some gulls that caught my intrest while I was wandering around with Jane.