Just some intresting picktures that do not lend themselves to categorisation really. This is a nice sky I saw at the Welsh Harp a while ago. I like to go wandering around the reservoir where there is a lot of birds to notice and many little nooks to investergate. I am quite good at investergation.

Me having a bad hair day.

Dirty old cash machine!

Some borderline sinister owls.

Palestra, an office building in Blackfriars Road.

An ordinary picture of Matt in the Landseer which accidentally captured his bestial id.


These are the even more frightening animals I met while spending a super weekend with Stephen and Helena, children are a lot of fun but it would be good if there was some type of magnetic containmint field like with a fusion reactor or something. So they could not get at you but dissipate their energy harmlessly (or use it to power local homes).


This is some animals I saw when we went on a special family fun day out to Marwell Zooerlogical Park! Can you guess which type of animal this is, do not write in.

The last one is quite difficult to identify as it does not look like anything from Earth.