Light Through The Veins (part 1)

It is a cheerful time at the moment as it is Spring and here are some appropriate colourful photographs, suffused with sunlight and lovingly melded with the magical, cinematic music of Jon Hopkins. It is my unofficial fan video for his track, which I am not getting paid for, and indeed will be heavily sued over.

You can see Part 2 here.

(The music is Light Through The Veins by Jon Hopkins.)

Far Away Frames Passing By (Part 4)

The final chapter! A heartwarming story of a boy and his camera, love, loss, and coming of age, against a backdrop of a family torn apart. And six world wars.

(The backing track is Ulrich Schnauss’s Blumenwiese neben Autobahn.)

Far Away Frames Passing By (Part 3)

It is Friday and everyone is very tired after not electing a governmint, so relax with some photos that I took, accompanied by soothing whale sounds, if whales emitted ambitronica.

(The backing track is Ulrich Schnauss’s Never Be The Same.)

Far Away Frames Passing By (Part 2)

Turn the lights down, turn the speakers up, and enjoy. May cause relaxation.

(The backing track is Ulrich Schnauss’s Blumenthal.)

Far Away Frames Passing By (Part 1)

Another movie of some of my photos (click to play). This is a bit like the Landscape Channel, if the Landscape Channel had a soundtrack by Ulrich Schnauss. Which would actually be awesome.

(The backing track is Ulrich Schnauss’s Knuddelmaus.)

A trip to the Lakes

Stanborough Lakes, that is, in Welwyn Garden City. I thought the Lotus was looking restive and needed an outing, so we burbled cheerfully through Hertfordshire on a wildlife noticing expedition. I had a super walk around Stanborough Park and noticed various different types of wildlife, eg a swan, some coots, cormorants, two moorhens having a punch-up outside a pub, some massive mallards tucking into the buffet lunch provided at the boating lake, and a lot of rabbits.

Also some trains, this is not technically wildlife, but quite interesting if you like trains.

So it was a lovely sunny day out, and that is the best type of thing to do on a Sunday. Except for going for one or two reflective pints at the local pub, which I will do now. It does not get better than that I am thinking!

One Canada Square

It is 800 feet high, built from 27,000 tonnes of steel, and is visible across twelve counties. One Canada Square in Canary Wharf will probably not be the UK’s tallest skyscraper for much longer, as several very high buildings are under construction in London. So enjoy it now in keithlard’s lovingly crafted photergraphs.

The secret pictury

It is photos of mine which have never been viewed on Flickr. So yours will be the first human eyes ever to see these stunning images, except mine obviously. And I am only taxonomically human. As usual click on the pictures to see bigger versions, and automatically donate money to the Keithlard Pie Fund.


Know now that you are born along with these
clouds, winds, and stars, and ever-moving seas

—Kathleen Raine

Much have I travelled in the realms of gold

Well on Sunday I had a super day wandering in the spring sunshine and taking photergraphs. It was a glorious sunset and I climbed up the path beside the A406 where you can overlook all of northwest London, and watched the sky shading from crimson and gold into rose and peach and then darkest blue. It is a beautiful evening moon at the moment as well so there is the curious specktacle of me communing with Nature, sitting beside the North Circular Road as heavy lorries thunder past and surrounded by crisp packets and empty fried chicken containers. You have to take communion with Nature where you can find it around these parts.