Horizon Variations

Me playing Max Richter’s ‘Horizon Variations’ (from the album The Blue Notebooks).

I like this piece a lot, and it is quite easy. But then everything is easy once you know.

Horizon Variations.mp3

The UK Sound

Live at Diabolical Mansions, Tottenham, November 2011. Jon Hopkins, Vangelis, Markus Güntner, David Parsons, Bent, Iasos, Röyksopp, Blithe Field, Chris Spheeris, Mind Over Matter, Sounds From The Ground, Cypress Hill, Dinka, Underworld, Banco de Gaia, King Kitch, Morphadron, and Sola Rosa were unable to attend, but their music was looped, sampled, warped, mixed, folded, bent, and mutilated by bitfield.

The UK Sound.mp3

Rock This Place

Live in London, featuring Liquid Mind, Markus Güntner, Underworld, Terra Ambient, View To The Future, Unkle, Steve Roach & Ron Sunsinger, Ashra, Banco de Gaia, Sounds From The Ground, Michael Stearns, Morphadron, David Parsons. Do not take with other medication.

Rock This Place.mp3

Abandoned Cities

If you like this music, we are available for childrens’ parties or wedding discos. Ideally, really caned weddings.

bitfield & The Major - Abandoned Cities

Angel Point

Pretty relaxed music. Containing Markus Güntner, Klaus Wiese, Mathias Grassow, The Harmonic Choir, Oöphoi, Huun-Huur-Tu, the Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Steve Gorn, David Parsons, Marconi Union, M83, Rumi, Hafiz, and some Tibetan singing bowls.

Angel Point.mp3

Pärty mix tape

This is a special mix tape I made for Rachel to demonstrate why I should not be allowed near the music at parties. Or Pärties.

bitfield - Pärty Mix Tape


00:00 - 04:08 Henryk Górecki - Three Pieces in the Old Style: III
04:09 - 08:02 Jonny Greenwood - Open Spaces (from There Will Be Blood)
08:03 - 15:39 Arvo Pärt - Collage on B.A.C.H.
15:40 - 23:56 Henryk Górecki - Harpsichord Concerto
23:57 - 27:30 György Ligeti - Continuum for Harpsichord
27:31 - 29:19 Max Richter - Horizon Variations
29:20 - 36:13 John Adams - Loops and Verses (from Shaker Loops)
36:14 - 42:22 Steve Reich - The Four Sections IV: Full Orchestra
42:23 - 46:34 John Adams - Short Ride in a Fast Machine (from Two Fanfares For Orchestra)
46:35 - 54:56 Eric Whitacre - Cloudburst

Flicker Frequency

Recorded live and exclusive at bitfield’s Cornish studios, featuring music by Markus Güntner, Michael Stearns, Brannan Lane, David Parsons, Steve Roach, Pressure of Speech, Jon Hopkins, Radiohead, Ólafur Arnalds, Iasos, Vas, and William Orbit. May cause awesomeness.

On The Nature of Daylight

DJ The Major is away on holiday at the moment soaking up tropical rays and dancing the conga with beach beauties, and so on, hence his absence from this stereophonic sound recording. It is very snowy here so I have been shivering over a candle and wearing my coat and gloves indoors, which makes mixing ambient techno a bit difficult because of my huge, wool-clad sausagey fingers. The secret is to use a massive mouse!

The Last Secret

More music invented by bitfield & DJ The Major on our journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that… of the imagination.

The Fluid Spheres of Earth

A great many fluid spheres have been falling on Cornwall and creating widespread TRAVEL CHROS, to say nothing of flooding my favourite pasty shop. I have been mostly staying indoors and beeswaxing the woodwork, and in between times laying down a dub or two of strange, other-worldly beats.