Light Through The Veins (part 2)

Light Through The Veins (Part 2)
(now available on iPhone due to some tecknical magic done by me and Harry Potter)

I hugely enjoy making these photo movies, which are a bit like Pages from Ceefax if you remember that. Late at night on TV when they had run out of programmes and had to go to the shop to buy more, there would be a selection of digital textual information and bad ASCII art pictures, all accompanied by inappropriately relaxing music.

It takes a long time though as it takes me about three years to take enough photos to make one of these. Also Jon Hopkins albums do not come out all that often to enable me to take his unique and inspiring music and use it to lend an undeserved glamour to my grainy cell phone photographs. So enjoy this one, and peace be upon you in My name.

Also, enjoy a special appearance by Liz’s foot in this movie.

(The music is Cerulean by Jon Hopkins.)

Light Through The Veins (part 1)

It is a cheerful time at the moment as it is Spring and here are some appropriate colourful photographs, suffused with sunlight and lovingly melded with the magical, cinematic music of Jon Hopkins. It is my unofficial fan video for his track, which I am not getting paid for, and indeed will be heavily sued over.

You can see Part 2 here.

(The music is Light Through The Veins by Jon Hopkins.)

Far Away Frames Passing By (Part 4)

The final chapter! A heartwarming story of a boy and his camera, love, loss, and coming of age, against a backdrop of a family torn apart. And six world wars.

(The backing track is Ulrich Schnauss’s Blumenwiese neben Autobahn.)